Maui Girl - Traditional


I love a pretty Maui girl
She lives at Waikapu
With rosy cheeks and pearly teeth
And lovely nut brown hair
Her waist is oh so slender
Her opu too much nui, nui
And of all the wahine I ever did aloha
Sweet Maria beats them all
My love to you, ua hiki no
Your love with me, pe la no
Don't tell mama, kulikuil
She'll tell papa luliluli
Nui, nui pilikia with me now
Her father keeps a taro-patch ranch
Next door to Bill Cornwell's sugar mill
And being on a Sunday night
To see them there I went
As I was strolling through the cane field
As on my way I roam
It's there I met sweet Maria
As she drove the pua`a home
I took my Maria for a walk
Among the bright green grass
It's there I whisper words of love
Unto this young country lass
I placed my arm around her opu
And sat down by her side
And asked her to be true
And be my loving bride
And now we name the wedding day
And how happy we should be
No thought of pilikia shall enter
The mind of her or me
But in her farm house
We'll both be happy night and day
And our life shall pass like sunshine
For we'll always be loving and gay