My Hapa Haole Hula Girl Sonny Cunha

All the time in the tropical clime
Where they do the hula hula dance
I fell in love with a chocolate dove
While learning that funny funny dance
This poor little kid, why she never did
A bit of loving before
So I made up my mind, that I struck a find
The only girl I'd dare adore
I love a pretty little Honolulu hula (hapa-haole) hula girl
She's the candy kid to wriggle, Hula girl
She will surely make you giggle, Hula girl
With her naughty little wiggle
Some day I'm goin' to try to make
This hula hula girlie mine, this girlie mine
'Cause all the while I'm dreaming of her
My Honolulu (hapa-haole) hula girl
Out at the beach, with your dear little peach
Where the waves are rolling in so high
Holding her hand, while you sit on the sand,
You promise you'll win her heart or die
You start in to tease, you give her a squeeze
Her heart is all in a whirl
If you get in a pinch, go to it's a cinch
When spooning with a hula girl