Papalina Lahilahi (Dainty Cheeks) - traditional

     F           C
He aloha wau iä `oe la
     G7          C
Kou papalina lahilahi
    F              C
I ka ho`opulu mau `ia la
    G7             C
I ka hunehune o ke kai
He aha nö ho`i kau la
O ke ala wiki 'ana mai
Ua `ike iho nö `oe la
A he pua `oe ua `ako `ia
Hä`awi hemolele `ia la
Mai ke po`o aka hi`u
He aha nö ho`i kau la
`O ka pülalelale ana mai
Ha`ina mai ka puana la
Kou papalina lahilahi
Ha`ina hou ka puana la
He aloha wau iä `oe
I love you
For your dainty cheeks
Always dampened
By the sea spray
What's the reason for
Rushing towards me
You've seen for yourself
That you're a flower already plucked
Freely given
From head to toe
The hurry to possess
I told you before
Of your dainty cheeks
I'll tell you again
I love you